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Songtexte vom Soloalbum "HOME"


1. You turned me over

2. Flying kites

3. Posterboy

4. Black apple tune - Instrumental

5. Waiting

6. Hochzeitssong

7. Romalen

8. Home

9. Once in my dream

10. Meadow - Instrumental

11. Sing you to me

12. Let you go

13. There was a time

14. Sheep stray

15. Away - Instrumental

16. Stopped





Lyrics & Music: Anzy Heidrun Holderbach


Reggae: 5.a  3.e  5.E       (d g A)


1) There was a rough idea of you in my head

     about what I was told.

     I went away somehow and anyway

     and closed my heart light-minded.


REF 1:  But then you simply turned me, simply turned me, simply turned me over,

              you simply turned me over, over and over again


2) You're crashlanded in the middle of my heart

     no words left – no need for words

     I looked into your eyes and landed straight into your heart

     I looked into your eyes and landed straight into your soul


REF 2: Cause of your silence and wildness,

              ravishing beauty, terrifying nearness,

              the mind-blowing nearness of you


BRIDGE: But this time, oh, this time I won't run away

                  this time, yeah, this time I stay





Lyrics & Music: Anzy Heidrun Holderbach


Capo 2   INTRO / ZW / OUTRO: 7. Fmj7,  3. Fmj7,  5. Barée G+H+E Saite


           A                      A-3.Finger      G                    A

1.  I'd like to write a song about all that I feel for you,

                  A                             A-                                  G                                         A

     but it's hard to find right words for that, cause maybe they wouldn't be true.

     A                  A-                                   G                   A

    Take all the written lovesongs and poems of the world

                  A                            A-            G                                  A

     maybe then you could discover the essence I'm talking about.


                          F                         G                    C             G

BRIDGE: And this song is for you and I'm sure you know it

                          a           e                     A

                  that I mean you, my true love

                     F                                      G                          C                                    a

REF:   And when we look into each other's eyes we establish long missed ties

            F                  G                                    a

           back to our roots deep inside ourselves.

                     F                                G                       C                   a         

           And then we know it for sure: You are me and I am you.

                            F                         G                         a                 G                       A

           When we look into each other's eyes we are flying kites... flying kites


  2.   I see myself in you and I'm excited cause this is true                    

        Watching myself move seems like you're walking in my shoes

        And like the coloured kites in the sky, our soul is going to fly

        and we hold each other's hands and our hearts begin to dance





Lyrics & Music Anzy Heidrun Holderbach


Capo 3


     a                  a

1) Rough and tough

    F                         F                         a-c

    show what you never wanted to be

    a                 a

    Smile and laugh

   F                   F                                  E

     the masquerade pretends to be free


                        B                    B          d               d                    A im3.

REF:  You're fooling and joking about you don't give a shit

             d                  B                  E                     a

         it makes you wanna run away – every day  (today)


2)  Cheating and gambling in a game that's hard to get rid of

      Presenting and projecting a man you don't feel a bit




BRIDGE: You're their posterboy bound in chains


                  suppressing doesn't save you from pains


                  comfortably numb by worthless promises


                  an unknown drug keeps you up in mindlessness


                  your wild heart brought to heel


                 your soul, now, is their vital meal





Lyrics & Music: Anzy Heidrun Holderbach


Capo 4


    a                        G                F                         a

1. Waiting in the moonlight seems to be romantic

    a                        G                F                         a

    waiting in the moonlight seems to be so cool

    a                        G                F                         a

    waiting in the moonlight seems to be fantastic

    a                        G                F                                      a

    waiting in the moonlight seems to be a Rendez-vous


                                        a              G           F                  a

REF: 2x   But I'm still waiting, waiting waiting for you

                              F                       a

BRIDGE 1: But you are still away

                                  F                          a

                    and it's hard for me to stay

                            F                        a

                    and time is passing by

                              E                           E      E7

                    and I stand there and cry

REF: 2x   But I'm still waiting...


2. In the spotlight you’re waiting for your dreams come true

    waiting for your true love passing by

    and you're waiting for her hand to show you the way

    and you know that you are doing so


BRIDGE 2: But she is already here and waits for you

                      And you should really care, because it's about you


REF: 2x   Are you waiting, waiting, waiting for me?


ZW:  a G F a   a G F     E E7 E7 E


3. This waiting really wears me down, I don't know what to do,

     because maybe tomorrow you'll say you love me too.

    And so I'm waiting for the moonlight to show me the way

    and it's its light that invites me to





Lyrics & Music: Anzy Heidrun Holderbach


Capo 2   INTRO / ZW:  a a d d G F E E7  a a d d G F E E2 E E


     a             a              C     C                d                           d                 F    E

1. Über die Liebe zu singen, ist wie Schneeflocken fangen im Wind.

          a                           a         C                              C

    Du läufst ihr hinterher – freust dich wie ein Kind,

                    d               d                               F           E                 a        a  a  a

    über die Liebe zu schreiben, ist wie Wellen fangen im Meer.


2. Sie lässt sich nicht beschreiben, nur fühlen was du wirklich willst.

     Nur im Herzen wird sie dich begleiten, dir zeigen welchen Weg du tatsächlich begehrst.


                  a               a          F       F          G     F     E       E7

REF: Und jetzt bist du das Einzige, was wirklich zählt.


                 a               a          G           F            E                           a  a   F GF E E7   F GF E E2 E E

         Und jetzt bist du das Wichtigste für mich auf dieser Welt.



3. Manchmal wird sie dich verwirren, und du denkst du weißt nicht mehr weiter,

    doch sie wird auch funkeln, freudvoll und heiter,

    halt sie nicht fest, dann wird sie nicht vergeh’n   


4. Und wird es doch mal dunkel und düster in deinem Herz,

    frag wo die Liebe ist, spür deinen Schmerz.

    Sie wird dich tragen, auch wenn du’s nicht glaubst,

    vertrau’ deinem Herzen, denn es ist aus Liebe gebaut.


REF: 2x : a a F F G F E E7 a a G F E a a    F GF E E    F GF E E

REF: 1x   a a F F G F E E7 a a G F E a a   d d G F E E7    a a d d G F E E2 E E


5. Über die Liebe zu singen, ist wie Schneeflocken fangen im Wind.

    Du läufst ihr hinterher – freust dich wie ein Kind,

    über die Liebe zu schreiben, ist wie Wellen fangen im Meer.





Lyrics & Music: Anzy Heidrun Holderbach


Capo 4    INTRO / ZW / OUTRO: C  E  a


     a          a          e           E   

1. Phirav mange korkorro

     a               a        e        E   

     me sjum romano chavo

     a                   a            E        E7

     kaj sjan mo shukar dadoro

        C               E              a   a

2x    Romalen, chavalen, aj


           d        d      a                      F2      h2             H7   

 REF: Devla        ke Roma phirena    e chave kelena

             C               E              a   a

     2x    Romalen, chavalen, aj


2. Gilabava korkorro

     kel kel muro dadoro

     o kham si amaró  phral baro

 2x   Romalen, chavalen, aj


3. Oh, mo shukar dadoro

     sjan sine o Rom barvalo

     akaná isi baxtalo

  2x  Romalen, chavalen, aj


Uuuuu.....   C C E E a a  F2 h2 H7 H7 E7 E7 C C E E





Lyrics & Music: Anzy Heidrun Holderbach


Capo 4    INTRO: a e a e G F E E2 E

      a                                                    e

1)  Rain and storm come with the night

                 a                                 e

      there is no wrong and no right

                F                                          a

      your mind haunts an unknown ghost

      G            F                              E

      slave of what you need the most


2)  You're standing on a grassy hill

      you feel lost and ill

      cold rain runs into your soul

      no home – no place to go


             d                       d                       a                                             a

REF: "Where do I belong?", your heart screams against the storm.

             d                       a          G             F    E           E2  E

           "Where is my home, where do I belong?"


3) The lights down in the windows

     are only lonesome shadows

     nothing seems to be true

     no home – no place for you


4) Dark grief and agony

    greed for pleasure and harmony

    yearning for an unknown aim

    black despair burns deep again


REF + ZW a e a e G F E E2 E


5) Slowly you turn around

    and you see some horses and a crowd

    the people beckon you to come along

    that might be where you belong


6) Through your frozen pain

     now, you feel something again

     your icy wall is melting away

     and then you know where to stay


REF:  "That's what I belong!", and your heart sings their song

           "Here is my home where I belong.

             Here is my home, here is where I am at home!"




ONCE IN MY DREAM                           

Lyrics & Music: Anzy Heidrun Holderbach


INTRO / ZW / OUTRO: 1. Bund: F2, F2+d, 3.Bund: F2, F2+d, F2, 1. Bund: F2, F2+d, F2, E, E7, E (Outro: a)


    a                   a-c               a                                 a-c   

1. Once in my dream, I've heard you playing a song

              F2         a-c        a

    and I knew it was for me


                d                         d                    a                  a

REF 1: I wish I could remember the melody you sang

                           d                 G7        a

             and the words you had for me


             I wish I could remember that what you've played for me

             that song from you to me


2. The melody ran gently and directly into my vains

    just as it would have been already in my bones


REF 1 + ZW


3. In my dream I sang with you the song I’ve never heard before

    but I knew we wrote it together


4. And when the dream was almost over,  I was afraid to awake

     cause I knew it would be hard to keep


REF 2: That's the song I can't remember

              the song you sang in my dream

                       d                 G7      a

             1. the song from you to me

             2. the song from me to you





Lyrics & Music: Anzy Heidrun Holderbach


Capo 3      INTRO:  F2 a


     F2                   F2      a         a

1. You're miles away, miles away

                   F             F             a        a

   but your heart beats like mine

      F2                       F2       a                             a

   I feel you close to me, I breath you in and out

              F                   F                             a        a

   everything of you runs through my soul

   d                           d

   Did I something wrong?

   F2                      F2

   Did I something bad to you?

            F         F          H7     H7

   Just tell me    the truth!


                   a                    a                               1.x F  1.x F  /  2.x F2  2.x F2

REF: 2x  I wish I could sing you (back) to me

                                     a                 a  a a

                like in the dreamtime


2. Imagine we'd have agreed a date

    Imagine it would be meant to meet

    The wind takes my voice across the Yanko field

    and the soil runs through my soul

    Why don't you come?

    Why are you still away?

    Tell me is this the truth?




3. I lie down on the ground singing into the soil

    and my heart beats like yours

    The eucalyptus rustles in the wind 

    like a promise bringing you my song

    Can you still listen?

    Can you still sense?

    And I tell you the truth...



2x  Now, I sing you back to me like in the dreamtime

      Will you answer my song?

      And will you sing me back to you?

2x  like in the dreamtime





Lyrics & Music: Anzy Heidrun Holderbach


Intro: I: 5.e  3.E  F  E :I  E7  E


    a                           a+g im Bass

1. Sitting here and think about you

            a+fis    a

    not able to stop it

            a                 a+g

    My mind isn't strong enough

          a+fis                      a

    to lead my passion's flow


           C                  E

REF: But I know,     I know

                   F                           a

         what this supposed to be

         C                    E7                

            but I don't want it to be true


 2. My mind tells to stop it right now, if not I'd go down

      But still my heart is close to you, is there something I can do?


 REF: Let it flow, let you go

           Is the only thing I should do

           Let it flow, let you go, oh            I: 5.e  3.E  F  E :I   E7  E


 3. If you'd be a wild horse caged up in a zoo

     I would break the chains, my love, to set you free


 REF 2x: And I know, I know

                what this supposed to be

                I love you, oh yes, I do         I: 5.e  3.E  F  E :I   E7  E





 Lyrics & Music: Anzy Heidrun Holderbach


     D                  D                A           A             G      G      A      

1. There was a time when I fell in love with you

     D                  D                A           A             G      G      A  

    There was a time when you fell in love with me

             G                  A

    And now, we are here

    D                              G           G              A             D

    cause you followed me and I followed you, my dear


2. There was a time when you and me got as one

     There was a time when we were not alone

     And now, we are here, cause you trusted me and I trusted you, my dear


3. There was a time when you and me struggled awfully

     There was a time when you and me lived apart

     But now, we are here, cause you joined me and I joined you, my dear


4. Now it's the time to fall in love with you again

     Now it's the time to fall in love with me again

     It's for ever then, cause you'll follow me and I'll follow you, my dear





 Lyrics & Music: Anzy Heidrun Holderbach


Capo 4    INTRO / ZW / OUTRO: C  C-  a  e  F-  F-+g  E  E7 E   OUTRO: A


    a                      a                  d                       E     E

1. Like the wind    you were blown into my bay

    a                 a                    d                  E      E

    slowly but constantly it cuts its own way

             F                     F            a      a

    then suddenly you stood behind me

              d           d               F        F             a          a

    and I turned      and got weak     at the knees


2. Time stood still for some moments on that hill

     but this was not the only magic thrill

     looking into your clearly gleaming eyes

     made me feel knowing you since donkey's years


          a          a         e          e

REF: Sheep stray, sparks spray

                 F-         F-          G   G

          two hearts stay in a sunray

          a         a    G             G

          go astray, find the way

                 F               F        1. E                   E7 E      2.  a a

          two hearts fly     like a Wicklow fay




3. The second time we have met down by the lake

     there was barely time to speak, only a two seconds break

     but when we hugged time stood still again

     and your heart   flowed into mine like summer rain


4. The wind was gone when we hold us nearly tight

     kind of intimate, like I'd be already by your side

     but I don't know what kind of weather would grow

     if we lay down and let it flow on the love's meadow







 Lyrics & Music: Anzy Heidrun Holderbach


Str: Reggae  Ref: normal


    4. E

1. Feelings were light and clear

    5. E

    everything was easy to bear

    7. E

    shaking hands on a hot summer's day

    5. E

    should have shown the lover's way


2. Rain came quicker than the sun         4. E

    but I didn't want to run                          5. E

    time went on and months passed by    7. E

    but even no answer up in the sky         5. E


                4. E                     4. E                    4. a                       4. a

REF 2x: Then I realized         that I have stopped to wait

                                    5. E       5. E      4. E                      4. E    (4. E   4. E)

                that I have stopped              stopped to wait


3. Hoping and doubting

    thinking and waiting

    nothing seemed to be right

    to go into a further fight


4. Wanting and yearning

    loving and forgiving

    thought the pain would get less

    but your heart beated in my chest




                   4. a                       4. a

5. But my heart didn't stop loving at all

              5. E                 5. E                

    but I don't want to stand up and call

         7. E                                7. E

    because you've choosen another way

                         5. E    5. E              5. E    5. E

    even though I still want you to stay


REF:  Then I realized... stopped!